Stefano Vittori is a teacher of the Italian Public School. He had his Bachelor Degree in Classics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 2011, his Master Degree in Orientalistics at the University of Pisa in 2014, and his Ph. D. in Egyptology at the same University in 2018. He has translated popular songs, mostly Disney’s, into Latin, and an English popular song into Egyptian. These songs have been published on the channel ScorpioMartianus and on his channel Rumak, where he also deals with metrics, recitations of texts in ancient languages both in prose and poetry, and teaching Egyptian language. Together with translations of songs, he also writes original poetry, some of which has been published in specialized journals and awarded. In 2022, he wrote a Latin tragedy in iambic trimeters and lyrical meters, Medeae daemones, which was awarded in the international contest Thalia in Vicenza, Italy. The recording of this piece has been published on the channel “Rumak” with Latin, Italian, and English subtitles in the short version and with French subtitles in the integral version.