Marina Garanin, graduated from Heidelberg (Germany) and Oxford, is currently working on her PhD on Latin translations from Greek at the University of Heidelberg. She taught Latin courses at the University, occasionaly also living Latin. She has been practising spoken Latin since the beginning of her studies, and she has been taking part in different Latin (and Greek) speaking events such as the German Septimana Latina, the Schola Aestiva Posnaniensis, the “CAELUM” in Madrid, Living Latin in New York City, “LILIUM” in Florence. Most recently (2022), she participated at the Latin speaking theater festival “Thalia” organized by the Schola Humanistica in Vicenza, Italy. There, she played the part of Medea in the tragedy “Medeae Daemones”, written in Iambic Trimeters by her partner Stefano Vittori, with whom she speaks Latin in every day life. She also writes metrical poetry in Latin, some are awarded with prizes. Also, she has a Latin YouTube channel (Musa Pedestris) with poetry recitations, latin vlogs, livestreams, and other videos on Latin, mostly together with Stefano Vittori (RVMAK).